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“Great collaboration with Innvite – positive and educational!”

Anders S. Poulsen

Interactive game to improve children’s learning

YOLI has fast growing sales of their award winning YOLI-portal and learning board.

With the help of Task Tiles, the game can be used in many different ways and types of learning. For example, the piece jumps off if it is not placed correctly.

In a 2019 report, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends less daily screen use for children under the age of 5.

As YOLI boards and games are born digital, we can provide customers with updated software and YOLI can thus be played indefinitely.

Innovative learning game for a better school start

YOLI is an innovative Danish Tech startup that helps children become school-ready through an innovative off-screen game.

Today, YOLI is a simple game that has only one button, and the only thing it can do is turn it on and off. The game has been developed in close collaboration with educators and can be used in many different ways. The important thing is that the children play the YOLI game without the use of screens, so that the focus is mainly on playing, shared social experiences and interaction.

The ambition now with the Innobooster is to develop the ultimate digital learning game that offers an unprecedented fun and entertaining learning universe for children aged 3-6.

The Innobooster project makes it possible to develop the current YOLI game into a more comprehensive learning framework that supports the child in developing better linguistic skills while having fun.

In the future YOLI games, the child is helped along the way by artificial intelligence (AI), which helps the child to the most valuable learning, whether it is, for example, understanding words, statements or the world of concepts.

State-of-the-art AI platform based on interactive learning is used, which helps the child’s language and cognitive skills in a fun and learning-rich universe. The digital technology/AI to be developed must be incorporated into the YOLI games by including a sound system with both microphone and speaker.

The aim is to bring the YOLI game into all the world’s languages ​​and thereby create a future Danish export success.

In 2022, YOLI has received an Innobooster grant from the Innovation Fund to develop and export YOLI’s exciting learning universe.

Thomas Bjerre, Founder
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